Manufactura Moderna de Metales SA

Large company or group of companies
c/ Miquel Torello i Pages n25 Molins de Rei 08750 Barcelona
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Descripción de la compañía

MMM is a business group specialized in the design, development, and manufacturing of systems that integrate tubes for the automotive industry with plants in Spain, Romania, Mexico and Russia to your markets.

As a development services provider with over fifty years of experience in the field of tubular systems engineering.

We guide our customers through the entire product creation process from the initial idea to mass production. With our extensive technical knowledge of project management and quality, we ensure that the development and production processes advance smoothly while obtaining the proper quality at the best possible price.

To achieve this, our activity covers all stages of the development process (3D design, numerical simulation, prototype manufacturing samples, etc.) and comprehensive testing in the pre-production stages.

Our company incorporates its own in-house workshop for rapid prototyping and a large staff of engineers whose main mission is to achieve in the most efficient way the product requires by your technical staff.

Finally, we integrate a full in-house laboratory with the ability to reproduce all functional conditions of the parts thus ensuring the quality and specifications of the developed product.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

  • Thermal Systems (cooling systems & intercoolers): Range of pipes for different uses: Electrical Vehicle cooling systems, condensers, radiators, TOC lines, chillers, intercoolers, EGR’s etc…
  • Engine Systems: Range of pipes for conduction of liquids and gases in the engine such as water, air, and oil pipes, EGR, pressure sensor, or fuel recovery. Conduction of hydraulic fluid is in this category.