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Plaza Pau Vila 1, Planta 2, Sector 2C (Edificio Palau de Mar), Barcelona 08039

Descripción de la compañía

JOLT focuses on the development, production and sale of electrodes, stacks and catalyst coating solutions for water electrolysers and hydrogen fuel cells.
In the future we will be adapting our technology to other electrochemical processes such as chlor-alkali, ammonia and batteries.

Jolt´s technology consists of a new one-step, ultrafast and ultra-safe method to manufacture self-supported industrial electrodes. The process is based on “solution combustion” – ie the synthesis of metal oxides and alloys – and produces metal oxides with significantly improved performance at a reduced cost. It is a competitive catalyst coating treatment (50+ catalysts) which can be applied to electrode supports of any material (stainless steel, nickel, etc).

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

Development of custom-designed solutions
Manufacture of industrial electrodes and stacks
Consulting in electrochemical processes