SMEs with less than 50 employees
Faraday, 7. Parque Científico de Madrid. 28049, Madrid

Company’s description

IBERCAT is a technology-based company created at the proposal of members of the Sustainable Energy and Chemistry Group of the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry of the CSIC.

The extensive experience accumulated by IBERCAT’s promoter group allows the manufacture of small and medium scale heterogeneous catalysts (up to 50 kg) to solve specific customer problems. Moreover, IBERCAT not only sells catalysts, but also offers complete catalytic solutions that include the selection of the catalyst, advice on the use of the catalysts in the specific conditions required by the customer, and an after-sales technical advice service. This point is particularly relevant for SMEs, because, in general, this type of company does not have a specialist technician who knows how to apply the prepared catalytic converter.

IBERCAT is a company specialised in the manufacture of fuel cells, hydrogen production, biofuels and products derived from biomass. Formulations of (electro)catalysts, preparation and activation methodologies, deactivation diagnostics and catalyst reactivation possibilities are some examples of permanent activities that will be carried out in connection with the productive sector.

The international recognition of the promoter team allows it to offer services for the development of R&D&I projects, and advice to companies, organisations or individuals in the field of catalytic applications to the problems of the energy and chemical industries.

Main lines of business of the entity