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Descripción de la compañía

Hyren is the new green hydrogen platform created by Rolwind ( and Matrix Renewables (, both groups being linked to renewable energy infrastructure developments.

We are specialist in the production, transport, storage, and supply of green hydrogen, as well as engineering and related services.

We provide technology, supply, and services to a variety of sectors: industrial, mobility, storage, P2X and export. We do not only supply green hydrogen, but also help to adapt systems for the use of hydrogen in our customers’ production or consumption processes.

Hyren has a multidisciplinary team with a long history and extensive experience in the renewable energy sector that has led it to manage more than 12 GW of renewable energy.

Our mission is to promote, build, operate and maintain systems for the production, owned or for third parties, of green hydrogen, as well as systems for its storage and treatment for export.

Our vision is to be a benchmark in the design, construction, manufacture and operation of hydrogen infrastructures and commercialization of this new energy vector.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

Our services are based on the development, operation and maintenance of infrastructures for the production, storage and treatment of green hydrogen, both owned and for customers.

We supply green hydrogen, in the national and international market, to the following sectors: industrial, housing, mobility (vehicles, trains, ships…), power to x and for blending in natural gas networks.

Additionally, we proceed to its storage and treatment for export.