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Company’s description

Our firm is a law firm specialising in the energy transition. We are experts in the regulation of renewable energy and the electricity sector in general, as well as in other areas linked to the energy transition, such as energy efficiency, electric mobility, storage, system services and hydrogen. In our view, hydrogen will play an increasingly important role in the energy transition, as the penetration of unmanageable renewables progresses.
Piet Holtrop, managing partner of the firm, regularly publishes opinion articles in various media and is a regular speaker at various events in the renewable energy sector.
Our firm has a very important litigation practice in the defence of renewable energies, which is decisive for our ability to analyse the aforementioned regulatory changes, both in the context of due diligence and in the ensuing negotiations of guarantees. As a necessary aspect of our litigation against the various and successive cuts to renewable energy production facilities, we have had to carry out due diligence work on more than 3,500 photovoltaic, wind, mini-hydro and cogeneration facilities. At present, few firms have this privileged position, which is beneficial for our clients and for us. They see it in the economic proposals we send them, and we see it in their responses.
We also have extensive experience in providing legal consultancy services, particularly through the preparation of reports.
Renewables, electric mobility and storage are areas that lead us to think about and want to count on hydrogen for the energy transition.

Main lines of business of the entity