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Descripción de la compañía

GEA Quality S.L.U. (GEALIA) is an EPC engineering company specialized in H2 leak Detection, Monitoring and Control systems in all infrastructures and processes in which this gas intervenes (production, logistics, storage).
We have the best available technologies in H2 detection, from conventional one-point detection detectors to selective and long-range detectors such as open path detectors that can detect a leak of 0.01 kg/s of H2. at 28 meters, at the speed of sound; Observer-i: Ultrasound Leak Detection | MSA Safety | Spain. In addition, we use computational mapping systems such as the MSA Flame and Gas Mapping System, a solution that helps in the assessment of flame and gas risks and in reducing these risks towards an acceptable risk profile. Flame and gas mapping includes placing detectors in the proper locations to achieve the best possible detection coverage. Through design iterations, the effects of different detector arrangements or detection technology on detection coverage are quantified and evaluated, stopping when the performance goal is desired. We are partner of MSA SAFETY Fire & Gas detection;
GEALIA has been working since 1998 in Technology for Quality, Industrial and Labor Safety and Sustainability.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

– Detection, Monitoring and control of Toxic, Flammable and Refrigerant Gases.
– EPC Engineering, Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems.
– Monitoring of Electromagnetic Fields, Noise and Process Control parameters.
– Rental of detection equipment for stops.
– Respiratory protection.
– Detection and Monitoring of dust and particles.
– Technology for Quality, Industrial and Labor Safety and Sustainability.