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calle Almagro 31, 3º Derecha, 28010, Madrid

Company’s description

Dhamma Energy develops, finances, builds and operates photovoltaic plants, including projects with renewable hydrogen production, in Europe, Latin America and Africa. The company started its activities a decade ago in France and Spain, where it developed its first PV projects.

In 2013, Dhamma Energy opened a branch in Mexico, which became one of its main markets. In 2015, Dhamma Energy commissioned its first PV park in Africa, a 2 MW plant on the island of Mauritius.

To date, Dhamma Energy has completed the development of more than 650 MW and currently has a portfolio of 3 GW under development, mainly in France, Spain and Mexico.

In 2018, Dhamma Energy launched the development of green hydrogen production plants based on water electrolysis and photovoltaic electricity generation.

With a high involvement in fostering a green economy since its inception, Dhamma Energy is a company committed to decarbonising key sectors such as transport and heavy industry, with the supply of CO2-free hydrogen.

Main lines of business of the entity