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Atocha Business Center, Paseo de las Delicias 30, 28045, Madrid
+34 602545842

Company’s description

Alcazar is a consultancy that offers advanced and sophisticated analysis and methodologies to monetize opportunities within the hydrogen ecosystem. We are a member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance and actively participate in hydrogen-related events.

Alcazar has been providing advisory services since 2012. Our managers have been at the forefront of monetizing energy transition opportunities for over 20 years. They are co-authors of “Systematic Trading in Energy Markets”, published by Risk Books, a reference for capturing opportunities in the renewable energy environment.

Main lines of business of the entity

  • Alcazar provides customized strategic intelligence that supports critical decision-making through advanced scenario analysis.
  • We use predictive intelligence, fusing scenario modeling within the regulatory framework, seeking optimization around quantifiable, high-impact outcomes.
  • Alcazar specializes in climate change, renewable energy generation, hydrogen ecosystem, energy storage, distribution, and electrification.