Asociación Española del Hidrógeno

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Tecnologías de Hidrógeno y Pilas de Combustible



What does the Spanish Hydrogen Association do? 

The Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. Its main aim is the promotion of hydrogen technology development as an energy carrier, and its use in industrial and commercial applications.

AeH2 members are the most active Spanish companies, public and private institutions and researchers in hydrogen technology, with a common interest: opening markets and social and environmental benefits of introducing hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy systems.

AeH2 members have developed strong capabilities in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

The AeH2 has shown itself as an important and visible actor in the hydrogen community in Spain and abroad and will play an important role in this emerging industry.

Some fields covered by the Association are:

  • Centralized and distributed hydrogen production from fossil fuels.

  • Hydrogen production using other energy sources (renewable and nuclear).

  • Hydrogen storage, transport and distribution.

  • Use of hydrogen in combustion processes.

  • Use of hydrogen in technological processes for electricity generation.

  • Use of hydrogen in fuel cells.

  • Regulation and safety.